Silicone duct hose with cuffs

Customized Length With Cuffs Single layer Silicone Duct Hose with cuffs on one or two ends has better performance regarding air tightness. The soft sleeve has good elasticity, since no steel wire inside, it could be fixed well on the applied equipment. Available sizes: 16mm~254mm Length: any length less than 4.3m

Product Details

Product specification


Construction & material

  • Wall: 1 layer silicone fabric, spired tape.
  • Reinforcement: visible spring steel wire under the fabric. Glass cord on the outside surface.
  • Soft cuffs on the one or two ends
  • With or without glass cord on the surface


Product properties

  • Highly light and flexible
  • Very good heat resistance
  • It is leak-proof; kink-proof
  • The long life time of this duct is around 5~10 years in normal working condition


  • For granulate / plastic dryer, hot air dryer machine in plastic industry.
  • For blowing machine, deliver hot or cool air.
  • As component for different machines which produce hot or cool air.
  • Widely used for vehicle enginees like auto, aircraft, trucks, even military tank.


Installation requirements

  • Avoid abrasion outside.
  • Keep some space between the hoses and walls, ground, or machines.
  • Don’t apply too strong bending stress and follow the corresponding bending radius.
  • Keep away from strong chemical corrosion.
  • Don’t apply for higher working temperature over above properties.


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