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Regarding silicone fabric, what types does Yeedah produce?

Yeedah is producing different type of silicone fabrics: 

Basic fabric, we use glassfiber 7628, 3632, 3784, 3786 and etc. 


Coating material: 

Different chemicals meet different requirement, like anti-high temperature, fireproof, anti-stastic, anti-abrasion, dustproof 


Thickness and width: 

For industrial application, thickness 0.40mm~5.00mm, width 1.0m~1.27m. Different size match different application. 




How to buy Yeedah products?

There are below ways to buy our products: 

1.  Call sales center thru phone +86 20 87467457; 

2. Send email to 

3. Visit company website send inquiry online. Our Sales representative will reply soon. 

For neoprene duct hose, what is the leadtime?

Including double layer neoprene hose, and single layer neoprene hose, normal leadtime is between 15 and 20 days. 

If we buy silicone duct hose, what is the leadtime?

Including double layer silicone duct hose, and single layer duct hose, if the required sizes are nrmal sizes, leadtime is normally within 15 working days. 

What is the application industry of silicone duct hose?

The silicone duct hose could working for high temperature up to +310℃, so the product could be used as component of machines which produces hot air, in rubber and plastic industry, the silicone duct hose is widely used. It could be also used as auto engine, truck engine, and airplane engine. For oven, the silicone duct hose is also used to exhaust hot air and smoke. 

What is the standard length of Silicone duct hose?

Standard length of Silicone duct hose is 4m per piece. Maximum length is 4.9m. We could also cooperate with customers to make all the length less than 4m. For example, we could cut into 1m or 2m per piece or even shorter.

Are samples available?

Yes, we always provide samples per customer’s requirement.  For whole product line like high temperature duct, fireproof fabrics, flexible duct connectors, the small piece of samples are free of charge. Delivery service is also provided if necessary.

How are bulk orders usually shipped?

1. Express delivery by DHL, UPS,TNT, FEDEX.  This way is used for small sample or testing order. 

2. Air shipment for small quantity order. 

3. LCL shipment by ocean or by train for few CBM orders. 

4. FCL shipment by 20' or 40' container for large quantity orders. 

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