PVC coated polyester fabric - black color 0.55mm

0.55mm thick PVC coated Polyester is featured by high strength, excellent quality stability and self-cleaning of surface, anti-aging and various weather resistance performance. It has been widely used as awnings, truck cover, side curtain, tents, inflatable products, adumbral materials for building facility and house. Available sizes: 1.0m / 1.20m / 1.25m Length: 30m / 50m / 100m per roll

Product Details

Product specification

Temperature range

  • -40 °C approx. to 70 °C approx

Product properties

  • Excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion strength
  • Humidity proof, waterproof, stain resistance
  • Good Flame-retardant
  • Protection against any weather condition.( Oxidation resistance; Anti-mildew; Anti-UV, Moisture-proof, Cold-resistant and so on.)


  • Flexible duct connector
  • Truck Cover, Container Roof
  • Dust hood, raincover, playground
  • Army tent, carriage tent and house building
  • Amusement device

Installation requirements

  • None



The PVC coated polyester fabric in black color with a thickness of 0.55mm is a highly versatile and durable material that offers exceptional quality and performance. This fabric, offered at a good price and with excellent quality, is manufactured by a top-tier company in China that specializes in producing high-quality textiles. This PVC coated polyester fabric has been uniquely designed to provide outstanding resistance to weathering, abrasion, and UV radiation. It is ideal for various industries, including automotive, marine, construction, and outdoor applications. Whether used for upholstery, awnings, covers, or bags, this fabric offers reliable protection and longevity. One of the key advantages of this fabric is its customizability. It can be tailored to meet specific requirements in terms of color, width, and thickness, allowing for seamless integration into various projects. The fabric is available in bulk at wholesale prices, making it an excellent choice for manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers in need of reliable and cost-effective materials. With its high tensile strength, excellent tear resistance, and superior flexibility, this PVC coated polyester fabric ensures long-lasting performance. It is manufactured by a reputable company that adheres to strict quality control standards, ensuring consistent product excellence. In summary, this PVC coated polyester fabric in black color, with a thickness of 0.55mm, is a top-quality product offered by a leading Chinese manufacturer. Its outstanding durability, customizability, and competitive pricing make it the best choice for a wide range of industrial applications. For those looking for a reliable textile solution, this fabric stands out as the preferred option in terms of quality, value, and performance.


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PVC coated polyester fabric - black color 0.55mm

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