Silicone coated glassfiber fabric - red color

Silicone coated fiberglass fabric is a kind of high performance and multifunction composite material, it’s widely used in Aerospace, Chemical, Petroleum, Large Power Generation Equipment, Machinery, Metallurgy, Electrical Insulation, Building, Transportation and other fields. Thickness: 0.40mm ~ 5.0mm Available sizes: 1.0m / 1.20m / 1.25m Length: 30m / 50m / 100m per roll

Product Details

Product specification

Temperature range

  • -70 °C approx. to 270 °C approx.
  • short time to 300 °C approx.

Product properties

  • Discharge of all types of liquids, moist air.
  • Excellent heat and cold resistance (long-term working temperature from -70 to 260℃)
  • Good aging resistance
  • High strength
  • Chemical acid and alkali resistant


  • Heat/electrical insulation jacket
  • Laminated mat
  • Flexible duct connector
  • Hot air blower
  • Flexible duct
  • Non-metal compensator or Fabric expansion joints
  • Fireproof curtain & blanket
  • Welding blanket
  • Construction electrical protection cover
  • Other fire-control systems

Installation requirements

  • Don't be close to other rough surface. The fabric can not be wear-proof.


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