PVC coated polyester fabric

0.40mm thick PVC coated Polyester is featured by high strength, excellent quality stability and self-cleaning of surface, anti-aging and various weather resistance performance. It has been widely used as awnings, truck cover, side curtain, tents, inflatable products, adumbral materials for building facility and house. Available sizes: 1.0m / 1.20m / 1.25m Length: 30m / 50m / 100m per roll

Product Details

Product specification

Temperature range

  • -40 °C approx. to 70 °C approx

Product properties

  • Excellent tensile, tearing and adhesion strength
  • Humidity proof, waterproof, stain resistance
  • Good Flame-retardant
  • Protection against any weather condition.( Oxidation resistance; Anti-mildew; Anti-UV, Moisture-proof, Cold-resistant and so on.)


  • Flexible duct connector
  • Truck Cover, Container Roof
  • Dust hood, raincover, playground
  • Army tent, carriage tent and house building
  • Amusement device

Installation requirements

  • None



The PVC coated polyester fabric is a top-quality material known for its versatility, durability, and weather resistance. Manufactured by a reputable company/factory in China, it stands as the best choice in terms of price, quality, and customization. This fabric is constructed with a strong polyester base that is coated with premium PVC, offering superior strength and protection against harsh weather conditions. Its weather resistance makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications, such as awnings, canopies, truck covers, and tents. With its ability to withstand UV rays, water, and abrasion, this fabric ensures long-lasting performance and preservation of its vibrant colors. The PVC coating provides an additional layer of protection, making the fabric waterproof and resistant to chemical exposure. This feature makes it suitable for industries such as agriculture, construction, and transportation, where protection against moisture and chemicals is crucial. One of the unique selling points of this fabric is its customization options. It can be customized according to specific requirements, offering flexibility in terms of color, thickness, and width. This makes it easy for customers to find the perfect solution for their projects, ensuring a seamless integration and optimized performance. When it comes to value, this PVC coated polyester fabric offers a combination of good price and quality. Sourced directly from manufacturers and suppliers in China, it provides competitive wholesale prices without compromising on durability and performance. In summary, the PVC coated polyester fabric is the best solution for industries and projects requiring weather-resistant and durable materials. With its customizable options, superior strength, and competitive pricing, it offers the ultimate value for customers in search of top-quality products. Whether it's for outdoor applications, protective covers, or chemical-resistant requirements, this fabric provides the durability, protection, and customization capabilities demanded by professionals. Choose this PVC coated polyester fabric from a reputable company/factory in China for the best combination of quality, customization, and affordability.


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