How many different specs of silicone fabrics?

Yeedah Composite Material Co. Ltd.  is specialized in manufacturing silicone fabrics which works for high temperature. Below are the main specs we are making:

Thickness              width

0.22mm                    1.25m

0.45mm                    1.20m / 1.0m

0.60mm                     1.20m / 1.0m

0.80mm                      1.0m

1.00mm                       1.0m

1.20mm                       1.0m

1.30mm                        1.25m

1.50mm                         1.25m

2.00mm                         1.0m

3.00mm                          1.0m

Other specs are available per customer’s request.

Best selling products of Yeedah

Yeedah Composite Material Co. Ltd is focus on manufacturing high temperature hose, including silicone hose, neoprene hose, aluminum hose, and fireproof fabrics like silicone fabrics, neoprene fabrics, PVC fabrics. The best selling products is flexible duct connectors including silicone duct connector, neoprene duct connector, PVC duct connector.

These flexible duct connectors are widely used in ventilation systems for buildings and related applications. It is easier to install, using for reduce noise and shifting. The metal plate and central fabric is fixed tightly, so it is air-proof and waterproof.

What is the package of your products?

Package for different product catagories are as below:

For silicone duct / neoprene duct / aluminum duct, we put each hose into poly bag, then one brown carton for each hose. This is for local market.  For export products, in order to save CBM and freight cost, we usually put smaller hoses into bigger hoses.

For flexible duct connectors, 25~30m per each roll, one roll in a brown carton.

For fireproof fabrics, 30~100m per roll, bubble bag and woven bag outside each roll.


We could also offer special packing per customer request.

What are the main materials for Silicone duct?

Main materials for Silicone duct are as below:

1. Coating material: Silicone rubber.

2. Basic fabric: Glass fiber fabric.

3. Reinforcement: high tension spring steel wire.

4. Outside spiral, glass fiber cord which is heatproof.

There are 2 layers of silicone coated glass fiber fabric, the high tension spring steel wire is hidden between the 2 layers. Heatproof glass fiber cord is spiral outside the surface to fix the position of steel. All the materials are heatproof and heat proof.

What is the thickness of silicone duct?

The wall of Silicone duct is 2-ply silicone coated glass fiber fabric, total thickness is about 0.6mm, it is the standard thickness, also the international standard for this product. But for special applications, if customer require more thickness like 1mm, 1.5mm, we could make per customer requirement. Sure, cost must be different.

What is the usage for Silicone fabric?

Silicone coated fabric could be used in different industry:

a. It is the main material for the non-metal compensator in power plant or related industry;

b. It is the main material for the flexible duct connector in airconditioning system, ventilation system, firefighting system.

c. It is also used as construction material.

d. It is used for printing machine, packing machine and packing line.

e. It is also used as insulation and heat protection in electronic equipment, auto mobile and related industry.

Since the silicone fabrics has very good performance in terms of fireproof, heat proof, it could works in -70℃ ~ +310℃, it is the ideal material in a lot of industry.

What is the standard color for Silicone fabrics?

Silicone fabrics is made of glass fiber fabric with silicone coating. Standard color is red, grey, black. Normally we provide these 3 colors to customers.

But we could also make special colors per customer’s actual samples or pantone no.

What is the normal material of Flexible duct connector?

In the past many years, Canvas material were widely used to make Flexible duct connector. The cost of this material is cheap. It could stand for about 100℃, and fireproof with specific treatment.

Nowadays, the buildings, facilities and equipment required better performance of fireproof and long lifetime. So new materials are used to replace traditional materials. Silicone coated glass fiber fabric, Neoprene coated glass fiber fabric are used more for Flexible duct connectors. For air conditioning systems, PVC coated polyester is also used as the cost for this material is cheaper than above mentioned.

We strongly recommend Silicone material for making flexible duct connectors as its high working temperature, long lifetime and good fireproof performance.

What is the standard length of Silicone duct?

Standard length of Silicone duct is 4m per piece. Maximum length is 4.3m. We could also cooperate with customers to make all the length less than 4m. For example, we could cut into 1m or 2m per piece or even shorter.

What is the best selling specs for Silicone duct?

Regarding Silicone duct, which is made of silicone coated glass fiber fabric, we make a lot of sizes from ID19mm ~ 315mm. But below sizes are sold more than other sizes. They are as following:

Silicone duct

ID51mm, ID63mm, ID76mm, ID102mm

The market demand for above 4 sizes are much more than other sizes.

What is the most advantage of Neoprene duct?

Neoprene duct is one of the high temperature duct. Its working temperature is -50 °C to +150 °C approx. The most advantagle for this product as following:

a. Chemical resistance, Ozone resistance.

b. UV resistance.

c. Fireproof.

If the working temperature is not over 150°C, it is better to use Neoprene duct than other material.

About Silicone and Neoprene ducts. are they out of shape after longtime bending?

No, never out of shape.
The Silicone duct and Neoprene duct are highly flexible. We always packed goods after bending, but we never got any complaint from customers in the past many years about any quality issue.

Silicone duct, what is the lifetime?

It depends on the working condition. Normally it could be used by 5~10 years if it is properly used, not in too worse condition.

How to check quality of Silicone duct?

Please find below steps of quality check.

1. Surface. Check the outer and inner surface. It should be very smooth, without dirty marks, no rough and uneven points.

2. Sprial steel wire. It must be stainless, The diameter and pitch should match specifications, spired equally and smoothly.

3. Spiral glass fiber cord. It should be equal and tightly spired with the steel wire. No burs left on the surface of the hose.

4. Fireproof performance. It is not possible to have professional testing equipment on hand anytime, but it is easy to check the fireproof ability by a lighter. Put a small piece of sample on the flame of the lighter, it shouldn’t be burning, but it is normal to see some smoking.

5. Bending. Repeatedly bend the hose and see if it could return to its original shape easily. You can also keep the bendings for some time and see what will happy after release.

6. Bonding strength of the 2 layers fabric. The fabric should be adhered well. After strongly tear, the fabrics maybe broken, but the 2 layers can’t be separated.

What is your main product category?

We are focus on manufacturing High temperature duct like Silicone ductNeoprene ductAir conditioning ductFire-proof fabrics including Silicone fabricsNeoprene fabricsPVC fabrics. We are also making Flexible duct connectors in SiliconeNeoprenePVC material. We are also making Flanges, metal parts and accessories.

What is the peak season of your company?

The peak season of our company usually comes before or after Chinese New Year(around Feb 1st).  Both local and oversea customers released more orders during this period. Low season is usually in August and September. So for peak season, in order to make sure of on time delivery, we normally have night shift.

How to buy your products?

Yeedah is focus on making high temperature duct, flexible duct connector, fireproof fabrics, if you need any information about above products, you have below options:

1. Write email to tinatian@www.yeedah.com for your question.

2. Call 86-20-87467457, sales people will talk to you directly.

3. Leave your message on http://www.www.yeedah.com/

What is the working time of your factory?

Our factory is normally working from Monday to Friday, 8:00am~6:00pm. On Saturday, we have customer service available. If you have anything urgent, please write email to us or call the contact person thru office no. or their mobile no. anytime.

How far away is your factory from Baiyun airport?

It takes 15 minutes driving to the Baiyun Airport. And 30 minutes to China Import&Export Exhibition Hall.

Which is your main market?

Our main market is China, Southeast Asia, South Europe, Middle East. Now we are exploring West Europe, North and South America.

What is the location of your company?

Our company is located in south of China, Guangzhou city. 15 minutes driving to Baiyun airport, and 30 minutes driving to Pazhou complex (exhibition center for Canton fair).

How many years has your company been engaged in this industry?

Our company(HYD) was established in Nov. 2005. We have been devoted in this industry for almost 13 years. We are a young company with strong ambition and high efficiency.

What is the business mode of Yeedah?

Our company is a manufacturing enterprise, we also have our own distribution network. Our production based on both actual order and sales planning.

Any cost saving solutions?

Yes, we always provide cost saving solutions for customer per specific request. Examples as below:

1. Material cost. If customer just need economic spec, for example, less thickness, less coating, we could cooperate by making ecnomic spec to reduce cost. Sure, everything must be confirmed by customer.

2. Manufacturing cost. For small quantity, we could combine with other customer’s orders, so that manufacturing cost will be cheaper. But leadtime will be longer.

3. Package. We could put smaller hoses/ducts into bigger ones. The package is compressed by several times, so shipping cost is readuced.

4. For oversea customers, we could find cheaper shipping company to reduce freight cost.

Anyway, we are always open for discussion regarding cost saving solutions. And we are always pleased to cooperate with customers.

Are samples available?

Yes, we always provide samples per customer’s requirement.  For whole product line like high temperature duct, fireproof fabrics, flexible duct connectors, the small piece of samples are free of charge. Delivery service is also provided if necessary.

What kind of service you provide to customers?

It is quite easy to buy our products. You have below options:

1. Write email to tinatian@www.yeedah.com, describe what you want;

2. Call +86 20 87467457 or +86 20 8747 6492, our salesman will anwer all your questions;

3. Send your questions on feedbacks page, we will come back to you soon.

Thanks for your cooperation.

HVAC market report, Nov 2011

Here, we share the information about HVAC industry. It is the market report of the year 2011. Covers different countries like China, USA, Japan, France.

Click below link to review the details.



Information about China Refrigeration Expo

The International Exhibition was initiated in the year of 1987, it focus on Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Heating and Ventilation, Frozen Food Processing, Packaging and Storage (China Refrigeration Expo) has been reputed as one of the leading exhibitions you can’t miss in HVAC&R industry for its over 20 years persistent improvement and innovation.

This exhibition is organized by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Beijing Sub-council, Chinese Association of Refrigeration, China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association, and has been certificated by the International Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI) and Foreign Commercial Service of Department of Commerce U.S. (US FCS).

As the essential exhibition in the industry, China Refrigeration Expo makes every effort to expand the group ofend-users and trade buyers, the influence worldwide. China Refrigeration Expo has established long-term partnership relation with most of the important organizations and key players of the industry all over the world. Taking part in CR Expo means to be a part of international cooperative network, and will be benefited with more competitive advantage and business opportunities. Each year, CR Expo attracts more than 40,000 professional visitors and trade buyers from over 100 countries. CR Expo promises to provide an ideal platform of launching latest technology and products, interpreting industry trends and policy, as well as the marketplace of international trade.

Following the establishment and implementation of the 12th Five-year Plan of China, for promoting the development of new energy technology and the idea of environmental protection, China Refrigeration Expo will build the platform which is not only a showcase of the latest technology and products, but also a good opportunity to learn the knowledge of recent policy, industry trends, and the way of achieving sustainable development. CR Expo will continue to go for being the path to excellence and success, and taking more responsibilities and facing challenges shoulder to shoulder with everyone in the industry.

What is the material for PVC dental hose?

For the PVC dental hose, the wall is medical grade PVC material, reinforcement is PP material. It has strong inside support, and good flexibility.