Yeedah Composite Material Corp. Ltd (was HYD) was established in 2005, in Southern China. We are engaged in manufacturing industry of HVAC. With our expertise in producing high temperature and fireproof products, our main categories are:

Above mentioned products are widely used in plastic industry, machinery components, ventilation and heating system, vehicle construction, building construction, and security facilities, safety protection, etc.

Yeedah Company Building

Our creative and professional team have designed most of our manufacturing equipment and developed our own production techniques. Based on our plenty of experiences in this industry, we provide professional proposals and solutions with our best quality products according to customers’ different demand.

Sewing Team is Making a Special Size Flexible Duct Connector


The employees pay close attention to each step. They are making every effort to do each process exactly per operation manual. We have most advanced machines, and train our employees to operate the machines well.

The Auto-Cutting Machine for Making Flexible Duct Connectors. The Engineer Is Doing Testing Before Production

The auto-cutting machine for making  duct connectors. The engineer is doing testing before production.

Yeedah Workers Cutting Raw Edge Process

The cutting machine. The worker is cutting the raw edge.

Yeedah Worker is Fastening The Hoses On Pallet by Packing Machine

The boxes are fastened on pallet by packing machine.

We keep reasonable quantity for stock to be sure of fast delivery. That is for standard items.

Our experiences of the sales team enable us to offer feedback to our customers within 4 working hours from Monday to Friday. We always think from customers’ viewpoint so that we are capable to offer proper cost-saving solutions, effective and efficient communication, prompt delivery, and satisfying services.

Yeedah Complete Tooling For All The Normal Sizes

Complete toolings for all the normal sizes of both silicone duct hose and neoprene duct hose.

The Big Calendaring Machine.

The Big calendaring machine.

Stock For Coating Fabrics.

Stock for silicone coated glass fiber fabric.

Stock for Regular Hoses

Stock for regular hoses, including silicone duct hose, neoprene duct hose, pvc dental hose.

We wish we could show all the details on the pages, but it is too difficult. Welcome to visit our factory. Thank you for your attention.


We are a young company with efficiency and ambition. In the past years, we have been making every effort to grow together with all the customers, suppliers and employees; we will continue to devote to HVAC products and develop advanced techniques to enable us to be a global leading company in this industry.

Yeedah Manufacturer Team